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Mar. 14th, 2009

*sigh* Okay. So. I'm thinking of just deleting this journal and quit TWD. Yes, I do bake the recipes. But no, I don't blog about them. It's a problem! It makes me feel horribly inactive. ): I still bake, but I'm not entertained by the concept of blogging about what I create, especially because I have the most terribly craptastic camera evaaar.

Blah. D:
(in case you have delicate ears/eyes, there's some swearing below. and i was censoring myself for the most part. :| LOTS OF INCOHERENTNESS AHEAD. I WOULD NOT BE BLOGGING ABOUT THIS IF I DIDN'T THINK IT WILL BE FUNNY IN A COUPLE OF MONTHS. RIGHT NOW I AM EXHAUSTED AND FRUSTRATED. ;____; )

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*gets hit in the face by a tomato*

*hears crickets chirping*
i never update this, do i?
trust me, i've been baking.
reeses cup cookies... lemon bars... berry surprise cake, the whole deal.
i just never get around to updating!
it's probably mostly because the camera i use is terribly shitty and i usually bake in the evening, so i typically have no natural light anyway.

i will possibly update later, especially because i'm off to bake the fresh ginger and chocolate gingerbread (a day late, but hey, i have the ingredients!).
see you all!

TWD: Buttery Jam Cookies

Okay, so.

I know nobody reads this in the first place, but...


I'm not inspired to write. At all. I kind of didn't even feel like logging in and typing, which is probably why I didn't update my blog when I made the Thanksgiving Twofer Pie and Linzer Sables (I might go more in-depth later, but... eh.)

So yeah. Prepare for some bitching: I'm tired, school was loooong today, break is only in a couple days, did I mention I'm tired?, I'm feeling magnificently uninspired, my brain is fried, and I'm sooo out of it.

'Kay, I'm done.

So... I'm just going to say:
*The colors were really faint. I made a strawberry and blackberry version, but only the blackberry had a distinct color, and it was kind of a purplish murky greyish color. Yeah. *raises eyebrow*
*The flavors were just as faint as the colors. It'd make a good tea cookie, as Dorie said, but I'm not into tea. :p Much more of a coffee gal myself.
*Despite all my complaining, they were actually fairly nommy. If you ignore the fact that the flavor was a bit too subtle for my tastes, the texture was marvelous. However, I didn't find them very flaky-- mostly cakey.
*They kind of got that gummy texture after a while like KFC biscuits have. I don't mind (I LOVE KFC BISCUITS NOM NOM NOM), but I know some people don't like the texture of ol' Colonel Sanders's baking.
*As I made two separate batches (halfed them in to bowls for each flavor), this was a lot of work for not many cookies-- they really don't produce too much, considering how easy they are to pop in your mouth. :p

Well, hope you all enjoyed this week's Dorie! :D

TWD: Arborio Rice Pudding

I was looking at the next TWD with great apprehension. Rice pudding. Arborio rice pudding. Call me unexperienced, but I had no idea what arborio was, other than, apparently, a type of rice. All it did was make the recipe seem even more difficult by throwing Italian words around.

And really-- pudding? What may seem something of complete simplicity, it remains one of the things that I totally ended up failing miserably in. Mmm... tapioca. Those nubules of goodness that add texture and taste to a classic vanilla base. Some love it, some hate it, some believe it only belongs in an old-folks home. I'm in the first category.

I set out to make this tapioca pudding, sitting miserably (as I am the most intelligent being ever, I did this in the middle of summer) in front of a hot oven for over an hour, stirring and stirring. And what did I end up? An overly-thick pudding base riddled with egg chunks and rubbery tapioca balls. Good work, self. Really.

But seriously? Do not pass go. Do not collect $200 dollars. Remember the catostrophe of this pudding for the rest of your cooking life.

So obviously, I was not looking forward to this session, although I'm a fan of rice pudding. Sure, it lacks eggs, but who knows what could happen! I mean, everyone knows that once you fail at something, you will never be able to successfully attempt it ever again. In my case, it was pudding. I was doomed to instant mixes and one-serving cups for the rest of my life.

Turns out that that's not true. Even though the cooking process was a bit tedious and I couldn't wait to sit down afterwards, the pudding cooked up thick with the rice nicely textured.

There was a bit too much rice in the pudding for my taste, but overall, it was pretty good. There wasn't too much pudding, but the single serving was actually pretty large as it were. The vanilla flavoring also binded nicely with the dessert and gave it a tasty, custardy edge.

TWD: Rugelach

Okay, this was just delicious. This is probably my favorite recipe so far, tbqh. Arguably, I've only participated in three "Dories", however.

Again, this post is pictureless-- not because the camera isn't working, but because I decided to procrastinate on my entry. Alas!

As for my rugelach, I added a T of sugar to the dough, as many mentioned their dough had a tangy edge, which my dad and sister wouldn't appreciate-- they're not big cream cheese fans. Also, due to lack of supplies, I had to toss the dried fruit (craisins, it would've been, in my case).

Like I mentioned, this recipe was delicious. It was a lot easier to make than I expected, although time consuming! I spent the whole day after coming home from school working on these little cookies. But it was worth it-- not only are they cute with a pretty spiral design, they're just tasty. The dough was flakier than I expected it to be (this is only my second time working with pastry dough and the first using a FP!), and when baked, the cookies were melt-in-your mouth in the center but golden brown on the outsides. The jam was a little chewy, but it was still good, and I used a bit more to make up for the lack of dried fruit-- let's just say I'm happy that we were instructed to use parchment paper on the cookie trays!

TWD: Chocolate-chocolate cupcakes!

Ugh, no pictures-- again? Yeah, that's right. :/ It's not a huge loss, however, as the natural light went out before I could get any photos of my fully-decorated 'cakes; thusly, the following pictures are bathed in that orangish glow that comes only from a shitty camera in artificial light.

So anyways. For this recipe, a lot of people were saying their cupcakes came out too dry. So I added a touch more butter and sugar, kept the egg white in the one egg addition, and neglected the buttermilk (by complete accident, ugh, now that buttermilk's going to go bad...). The cupcakes came out a lot more brownie-like than cake-like, however, which wasn't an issue for me. I love dense baked goods, and it was an enhancer towards taste and texture, plus it filled you up more!

I also didn't use the glaze listed in the recipe... I instead used a classic fudge icing. :p Mmm. I had some cream that needed a good using, anyway!

Also, I decorated in accordance to the Halloween theme as well-- orange and black jimmies, pumpkin-shaped sprinkles, and candy corn all the way, baby!


Not gonna be able to make the pumpkin muffins on time. Ehgh. Oh well-- it's not obligatory to post every week, and I have a bunch of stuff going on in my life at the moment. High school is such an inconvenience! xD I should just be back up and running just in time for the cupcakes, though. ;)

Mmmm... cupcakes.

TWD: Lenox Almond Biscotti

Fully anti-biotic'd and handkerchief'd (to protect from the nasty germs), the Bandit Baker faced off against Baking: From My Home To Yours. Her brow furrowed in concern-- biscotti? Isn't that supposed to be like, fancy or something?

Turns out, the answer is no. The recipe was easily followed, and I ended up with something delicious as a result. I'd show you pictures of my less-than-pretty but no less tasty cookies, but...

Well, my camera totally up and failed on me, so my first TWD post must be picture-less. Unfortunate. Hopefully I'll be able to get the photos up soon, however!

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